Now a matching in the Brown - this range is a newer version with slight changes in the design:

- support at the heel

- a small arch support added

- option to choose buckle or velcro (for the size 7,8,9,10)

NOTE: there is a small difference in sizes of this version - please choose accordingly, can do the comparison with the older version (which is available in sz 7,9,11,13, listed seperately)


Our gorgeous Savannah Shoes are perfect this summer for those precious little feet and very unique to the market. They are the original design of Little Savannah with the beautiful logo and size imprinted on the inner sole. Designed with a lot of thought and detail. Criss-cross straps for design appeal, yet also to secure the foot a little more in the shoe and a sweetheart scalloped front.


There's also an option to buy the shoe with Velcro strap (in size 7,8,9,10 for the smaller feet - this just makesit that much easier to put on their shoes for the younger ones.


An now also with a size 6 & 7 in ladies



- 100% Genuine leather (inner and outer)

– flexible hard sole

– handmade offshore


PLEASE MEASURE FOOT BEFORE YOU ORDER (size below is just a guide)- measure foot and allow some room for toes, a few mm and you should have a good fit.

Eg, sz 7 is 14.2cm, ideal foot measurement should not be bigger than 14cm)


Size 7   - 14.2cm

Size 7V - 14.2cm (with velcor strap)

Size 8 - 15.0cm

Size 8V - 15.0cm (with velcor strap)
Size 9 - 16.0cm

Size 9V - 16.0cm (with velcor strap)

Size 10 - 16.5cm

Size 10V- 16.5cm (with velcor strap)

Size 11 - 17.5cm
Size 12 - 18.5cm

Size 13 - 19.3cm

Size 1 - 20.2cm


Adult 6 - 24.0cm

Adult 7 - 24.5cm


Adult size may be a larger make, so please choose based on your sole measurement (from tip of large toe to back of heel)


* Color may differ a little from the actual photo due to lighting

Brown - Savannah Sandals - New Version

  • 100% Genuine leather (inner and outer)


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