Free - FaceMask - AUSTRALIA ONLY

With the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. I have decided to do something good for the Australian community and provide this free service to those unable to obtain a mask for themselves.
Directions of how to order: 

1. This website does not allow me to list items for free, so please use FREEMASK.
2. You can select FreeMask in postage option at checkout for free postage.
** A limit of 2 per order ** - please respect this
✨100% cotton✨ One size fits all
✨ Reversible & Washable
✨ Elastic to hook around ears


Options available as per pics.
All expenses, including postage, material and labour is supported by Little Savannah.
Postage will be a max of 2 per envelope - please note this will not have tracking, due to the cost and nature of posting in an envelope.
Please note 

Europe has adopted a rule that no-one is allowed to go outside without a mask.
The mask is not a 100% guarantee, but it may assist in the prevention of spreading, keep you safer, and prevent you from spreading it also.
As advised by WHO and QLD health, washing hands is the most important and effective way to stop the spread of this virus and also keeping social distance.
And I would advise washing daily.
How to help

If you want to somehow help in helping the community and those who are in need, you can either:
1. Go ahead and purchase the mask
2. Donate a mask for someone (please provide address)
3. Donate toward the cost of making these free masks. Please contact me via email
This product has been 100% handmade here in Brisbane, using just scissors, chalk and the sewing machine to make the final product. Little Savannah will not be responsible for any injury due the use of the product. Please use it in a safe manner and keep watch over children. You are taking all responsibility in the use and care of this product. To be used at your own risk.
Little Savannah makes no warranty, representations or guarantees regarding the information contained herein or the suitability of its products and services for any particular purpose, nor does Little Savannah assume any liability whatsoever arising out of the application or use of any products.

Facemask - FREE

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